Calling2Scale is a booster programme offering globalization support, practical tools, and an international network to highly disruptive and late-stage European and Israeli startups in the Health, Renewable Energy, and Climate- Plastics & Fuel Substitutes fields.

Boost your startup towards market penetration with Israel and Europe’s top experts and industry

Calling2Scale is a 360° tailor-made startup support programme, giving European and Israeli’s top technologies the chance to receive full end-to-end package for market penetration in a 3-month hybrid programme. The programme strategically and effectively prepares and enhances a startups ability to penetrate and scale into new global markets by leveraging its network of partners and international experts.


Bootcamp tracks

Calling2Scale 2022 will focus on 3 impact technology domains, working with top industry bodies that provide expert mentors, beta sites, and potential end costumers.

Health Track

Led by:

IMED, the innovation habitat of the leading Ichilov hospital in Tel Aviv, together with Integer, the successful US medical device company, are leading the health track with a mission to accompany the startups in the program all the way. We are seeking for health technologies such as: Medical devices, Age tech, distributed & remote care, precision medicine & decision support, digital journey (patient, caregiver), CyberMed, medical devices, cardiology, vascular, brain, urology, GI, gynecology , Neurostimulation, and cardiac rhythm.


Renewable Energy Track

Led by:

Doral-Energy, which heads the energy innovation community in Israel in a unique collaboration with the Italian company Alperia, which is responsible for all renewable energy in northern Italy, joins forces to support and work with groundbreaking startups. We are seeking for renewable energy technologies such as: Solar & Wind technologies, Energy storage, Agrivoltaics, Hydrogen storage, Micro-grid, W2E, Predictive maintenance, AI and optimization, Automation and IoT, Cybersecurity, Biogas, Water Treatment, Off-grid, Water technology, Smart grid, and Environmental Infrastructure, Grid edge (rooftop PV, home batteries, electric viechles, smart homes, demand resporse), Prosumers


Plastics & Fuel Substitutes track

Led by:

Bazan Group and the Bazan Innovation Arm are leading the way in the fields of energy, plastics and fuel substitutes in Israel, and have joined the program in order to support startups that are tackling these climate challenges and have solutions that must break out.

We are seeking for plastics & fuel substitutes technologies such as: Biodegradable plastics, recyclable plastics, bioplastics, plastics recycling technologies, plastic products for non-technical components, for retail, for use (automotive industry, medical equipment, components for consumer products, etc.), fuel substitutes, biofuels, advanced fuels, waste gas conversion , Low carbon fuels.


Ecosystem partners

why join?

Industry led tracks

Top industry leaders offers expert support, access to business units, data, beta sites and potentially end costumers.

Top speakers

From leading innovation ecosystems, such as Silicon Valley, Europe, and Israel

Sharpen Your Needs

Weekly 1:1s meeting with Calling2Scale growth team to meet individual needs to ensure effective progress 

Domain Deep Dive

Domain-focused sessions providing in-depth overview of challenges and forecasts, in specific markets.. 

International Plug-in​

Access top tier global experts and mentors from various fields: business, leadership, marketing, regulation, etc.

Strategic Matchmaking

With industries, investors, VCs and potential clients from Europe and Israel.

EU-Israel peer learning

The only program that brings to the table Israeli and European startups in an advanced stage for collaborative work


Delve into the burning topics that will take your startup towards its next milestones.

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Scaling Process

Can you be Called2Scale?


If you answered YES to most, or all questions – It’s time for you to join our Calling2Scale Bootcamp!


Vitor Crespo

Vitor Crespo

Our goal for Calling2Scale was to understand how we can accelerate our project, share experiences with other teams and connect with experts. Through the programme, we had the opportunity to speak with experts in the field, understand the challenges other’s teams face in their daily activities, and learn about some excellent tools for our daily work as a startup.
miri b

Miri Berger

The Calling2Scale Bootcamp was a great learning experience for me, the program focuses on the European market and is very well connected to organizations all over Europe. I particularly enjoyed the EIT team content. I found it professional, clear, and generous with information. If you are interested in entering the European market I highly recommend it.
Guy Saadi

Guy Saadi

We have received extensive enrichment on many issues related to our daily dealings in startup life. The bootcamp team and the lecturers were professionals in their field and were always available and accessible. The amazing participants were an excellent company for networking and mutual learning. Participating in bootcamp has given us an opportunity to take time to examine ourselves more deeply and sharpen our business strategy.
Wolfram Krenflesberger

Wolfram Krenflesberger

We definitely used the network opportunities that Calling2Scale provided, and I had some very helpful discussions especially since Israel remains a very interesting though demanding market. In total, I can warmly recommend every tech start up or scale up company to apply for the next bootcamp and – if accepted – to participate in each and every session. The benefits are endless and will multiply if covid will allow the Europeans to visit Tel Aviv to enhance the personal relationships that were established!


Speakers at the program include experts in the health and energy fields, mature startups who have managed to penetrate new markets, global professional speakers who specialize in IP, regulation, business development, and workshop leaders in branding, storytelling and demo day preparation.

The program has a wide array of mentors and experts available to support participating startups based on your needs.

The process will be structured as follows:

1. Weekly 1:1 meetings with the growth team to support your scaling process and provide resources to help execute your plan. These meetings will result in introductions to specific experts, advisers, and mentors on a per-need basis. 

2. On-demand access to our pre-vetted pool of mentors and industry experts. The bootcamp team will make the first introduction, and after the acquittance takes place, the startups can take it from there.  

A startup registered for bootcamp should have the capacity to select the relevant founder/co-founder to take part for the duration of the training. We will meet every Tuesday for a two-hour session, between 14:00 and 16:00 Central European time. In addition, scheduling a weekly 1:1 X 45 minutes personal session to build an accurate strategic plan tailored to the company’s global process.

Our exclusive bootcamp is fully funded, subject to full participation in the sessions and Demo Day.

Since EIT Hub Israel was established, we have been asked by Israeli and European startups and by our partners to create a network of support and advice for them. After much research and work, the product is here in front of you. Through our European-Israeli networking, the connections we offer, our industry-led tracks, and the quality of our content, startups will get what they need for a first foothold in the global market. Our goal is to create a deep connection between the Israeli and the European ecosystems while promoting a solution to the global challenges of all of humanity.

  • Going Global: new markets, strategy and execution 
  • Government Incentives and grants as a source of capital
  • The changing landscape of global data protection laws
  • Am I ready to raise my next round? US/EU/Israel VCs
  • The importance of LinkedIn & other media in building your brand
  • Domain deep dive- challenges, forecasts and barriers, by domain experts 
  • Mastering the pitch – storytelling & preparation for Demo Day
  • And more

Phase #1: Fill out the online application form (submission deadline is 14 April 2022)

*A team of experts and partners will review your application on a rolling basis, which means that the earlier you apply the earlier we could review your submission and invite you for an online meeting to discuss further. 

Phase #2: Eligible applicants will be invited to a short online qualification interview (up to 20 minutes). Please note that you might be invited for a second interview if needed.

Phase #3: The scoring committee will choose between 14-16 bootcamp startups based on eligibility and excellence. For each track we will choose 50% Israeli and 50% Europeans.

Assessment will be made by: Bootcamp partners, EIT Hub Israel steering committee (representatives of EIT Health, EIT Climate-KIC, EIT Food, EIT Urban Mobility, EIT Manufacturing) and EIT Hub team.

The following elements will be taken into consideration in the assessment process:

Technology and impact, team, business potential, motivation and bootcamp fit.

The startups with the highest-scoring will be selected for the bootcamp.

Meet the Calling2Scale Team


Dov Farkash

CEO at Exoro Ltd
Artboard – 16@2x

Mirel Vansovski

Manager of Value Creation and community at 8200 Imapct
Profil Mirel@2x

Chen Shmilo

Managing Director at 8200 Impact
Artboard – 15@2x

Some of our mentors

Adi Zamir

aMoon-Roche Partnership Leader @ Roche
Artboard – 12

Erez Ram Lev

Climate Change Solutions Co-Lead @ Kayama
Artboard – 13

Yael Idan

Business Development Manager @ Luxembourg Trade & Investment Office Israel
Artboard – 14

Tal Peleg Shulman

Director at
Tal Peleg Shulman

Roee Furman

Managing Director at Doral Energy-Tech
Roee Furman

Kfir Kachlon

Early-Stage Investor @91 Ventures
Kfir Kachlon

Guy Yavin

Investment Director at Doral Energy-Tech Ventures
Guy Yavin

Eyal Sandach

Country Manager Israel at Integer Holdings Corpotation
Eyal Sandach

Alisa Mick

Co-founder and CEO at The North Mix and MiXi
Alisa Mick

Do you have any questions? Get in touch with Maayan at

Application for 2022Calling2Scale is closed.
Interested in participating in the next cohort?

A unique innovation coworking habitat located at the heart of Tel Aviv on the campus of Ichilov Hospital, IMED is the new home for medical innovation. IMED offers exceptional habitat for medical entrepreneurs, physicians, and startups. At IMED, we support your work by offering maximum agility while providing you with direct access to all the resources you need. IMED is led by three institutions, all sharing the vision of turning great ideas into tomorrow’s reality: Ichilov Hospital – Israel’s leading medical center, Mixer – a global enterprise of high-end creative spaces, and IMED VC – which specializes in HealthTech investments. IMED offers startups, entrepreneurs, and HealthTech visionaries: Access to comprehensive medical data, ongoing interaction with investors, direct access to Israel’s top medical practitioners and researchers, collaboration with leading companies, research laboratories, and global academic and clinical network.

Integer® Holdings Corporation (NYSE: ITGR) is one of the largest medical devices outsource (MDO) manufacturers in the world serving the cardiac, neuromodulation, vascular and portable medical markets. The company provides innovative, high-quality technologies and manufacturing to Medical Device OEM’s to enhance the lives of patients worldwide. In addition, it develops batteries for high-end niche applications in energy, military, and environmental markets. Greatbatch Medical®, Lake Region Medical®, and Electrochem® comprise the company’s brands. Integer story is one filled with 80 years of industry-changing innovations and exemplary manufacturing.

Doral Renewable Energy Resources Group is renewable energy and environmental infrastructure developer, acting in Israel and globally, operating since 2007. Doral’s vision is to generate energy from renewable resources while adhering to their values of excellence and environmental protection. Focusing on development, funding, building, operating, and long term ownership of renewable energy facilities. Doral Energy operates in a variety of renewable energy fields: development of energy projects -ground bast, rooftop solar devices, and water reservoirs solar facilities. Furthermore, and in collaboration with the rural sector, Doral Energy initiates, develops, and builds waste disposal facilities and infrastructures, wind energy, and power generation via natural gas facilities. The company brings its benefits and capabilities to the local and the global market and is working vigorously to develop its business around the world in renewable energy – solar energy and wind energy, as well as environmental infrastructure. Renewable energy has become an essential part of the solution for global warming, making it a global growth engine. The need to tackle global warming positions Doral Renewable Energy Resources Group as a local and global market leader.

Alperia is an energy provider. We produce energy from renewable sources, manage an electricity grid and sell district heating. We also design and build new power plants powered by sustainable resources and develop breakthrough solutions for the energy industry. At Alperia we want to mould the energy of the future, to make an active contribution to the mapping out of the future of South Tyrol. After decades of experience in the energy field, we have acquired the skills and knowhow required to develop cutting-edge technological innovations. We have started thinking about tomorrow today, based on our desire to drive the power industry growth in South Tyrol. It is our aim to be a leading force in the provision of energy services and to foster an intelligent, digital-based energy future for our customers.

Bnnovation is the unique innovation platform of Bazan Group, facilitating Bazan’s expertise in the fields of Energy, Renewable energy & Industry 4.0, providing a wide variety of professional labs, vast experience in the energy market, industrial manufacturing and logistics, smart and innovative new materials development, advanced capabilities of supply chain and distribution and professional business growth know-how. We seek innovative ventures to take part in our exciting journey to growth, technology excellence, and business success.

The Bazan Group is the cornerstone of Israeli industry and is regarded as an economic powerhouse. Oil Refineries Ltd. (Bazan), located in the Haifa Bay area, is one of the largest and most complex energy groups in Israel and it operates a refinery and petrochemicals conglomerate. Modern facilities enable Bazan to produce a large variety of oil refinery products for industry, transport, agriculture, infrastructures and domestic consumption. Bazan has a maximum daily production capacity of approximately 26,600 tons of oil (197,000 barrels). More than 70% of the Company’s products are distributed in the domestic market, while the remainder is destined primarily for the eastern Mediterranean. The Bazan Group comprises three industrial companies operating in Israel primarily in the production of petroleum products, polymers used as raw materials in the plastics industry, aromatics compounds for the chemicals and petrochemicals industry. The Group’s plants operate synergistically and the plants of the subsidiaries constitute an extension of Bazan’s facilities. This allows Bazan to optimize the output of the refinery facilities, while producing petroleum alongside various other products as well as petrochemical products. As a result of the integrated management of the facilities, Bazan is able to increase its profit margin and create cost efficiency. The Company also supplies power services to industrial customers in the Haifa Bay area as well as infrastructure services (storage and transportation of fuel products).


Full access to the community network

Connect & Experience offers more than training. The C&E community network is an active EU online and offline community offering easy access to opportunities, curated content, matchmaking, soft landing services, and support. The community provides a space for community builders from Europe and Horizon Europe associated countries to interact, share best practices, and collaborate to enhance your startup community.

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Access to Healthcare

The Health not The Death is a fundamental human right. A healthy population is not to be seen as human and social capital, an input, or by-product, towards economic growth. Alongside a healthy and sustainable environment, a solidarity, a healthy population must be the ultimate goal especially nowadays in helping Ukrainian migrants with cancer and their families.

Solidarity in health is a cornerstone of EU health policy. There are wide disparities in many health outcomes across the region and those outcomes. The access rules dramatically affect healthcare systems which are at the forefront of the migrant way, the people who are searching for help and the way how we could enhance and support their healthier and wellbeing status.

In order to ensure their access to care and continued cure in need, the probability of receiving a timely diagnosis and of surviving differs greatly from country to country where they are now. There is lack of information, help and inequalities in access. People need help in navigating cancer knowledge, diagnostics, secondary monitoring and prevention, way of treatments, and care.

Shifting our mindset, supporting healthcare connectivity, removing inequalities overall across Europe is our mission and even more now in a time of crisis, helping the Ukrainian people dealing with cancer is a good place to begin this transformative revolution.

1) Whether we have a chance to foster more holistic and integrated approaches to receive information and care, by supporting coordination and maximising an enabling and health-enhancing effect of care across services from different countries?

2) Whether actions should address the social determinants of health, the countries where they are now, the health need which they have, the social and language barriers are the conditions which have to be taken into consideration in a coordinated manner?

How might we improve patients and /or people who seek healthcare support, access to healthcare services at an EU & the Member States Healthcare systems level? Especially in a time of crisis in Europe.

How might we support refugees fleeing from their countries by navigating them to medical centres to receive best available care?  


Predictive Treatment

Precision medicine aims to personalise care for every individual. Nongenomic and genomic determinants, combined with information from patient symptoms, clinical history, and lifestyle (nutrition, physical activity, stress etc.), can facilitate personalised diagnosis and prognostics. Yet this goal requires access to massive amounts of data which may come from different structured and unstructured sources; these can be our medical records, laboratory testing, a range of medical devices as well as from the patient himself. AI & ML can combine input from these multiple sources, analyse them and identify biomarkers that can support health professionals make more informed decisions. The convergence of precision medicine with the advanced AI capabilities will improve the ability to personalise care – improve diagnosis, risk prediction as well as therapy planning.  

HCPs want to better predict treatment response, given uncertainty around which treatment to prescribe to which patient and when to prescribe. How do we risk assess the patients, match them with the right treatment (personalised). How can we transform the wealth of data and link it to the predictive nature of how the patient will respond?


Patient Journey Navigation

Being diagnosed with cancer is overwhelming and comes as a blow. Patients may feel on a roller coaster of emotions—they are scared, lost & confused not knowing what to expect, who to refer to, what to do and how to tell their loved ones.  They directly refer to “Dr. Google” to look for information about their disease, possible treatments, QoL strategies with the aim to have better understanding of their disease and learn how to better cope with their disease & treatment, yet information is not always valid, accessible, nor personalised or tailored to the patient’s status and needs therefore left with huge amounts of non-relevant information. Coming to the doctor, the physician’s time is limited and mostly focusing on the physical aspects of the disease & treatment, not leaving much time to ask questions nor discuss more holistic aspects of the disease such as emotional, psychological, social aspects. The patient (& caregiver in many cases) leaves the room with unanswered questions, doesn’t remember much of what has been said, and feels he is not heard, nor seen as a whole.

The need for navigating this journey along the emotional psychological stress is overwhelming & patients and their caregivers look for support (case manager/companion/partner) to help manage their disease holistically – starting from having clarity around their disease and treatment by having access to reliable and personalised information during their journey as well as having an integrated holistic care system , supporting them and their loved ones to navigate through the different aspects of their disease – medical, emotional, logistical, psychological, social, rights.

How can we support patients to navigate through the complexity of their disease and treatment ensuring they have validated holistic information about their disease journey & treatment and be empowered to  effectively manage their care 


Peer-to-Peer Medical Exchange

As medical events pivoted from conference centres and meeting rooms to the virtual settings, learning opportunities continue. Lectures and presentations are translated to the new digital world, yet the ability to connect and network is relatively lost. Peer interaction is essential not only for information exchange but to share practical insights, allows consultation & in-person experience cross country and across borders leading to better disease management.

This peer-based learning/ consultation is highly valued amongst practising clinicians and was generally achieved when HCPs and KOLs met their peers in national & Intl conferences, group debates, advisory boards and even during quick corridor conversations. Attempting to replicate these in-person experiences into the digital space creates challenges and are not effective nor impactful as face-to-face engagements. 

How might we improve HCP medical exchange enabling physicians to easily communicate, consult, exchange opinions leveraging individual experts & centres of excellence knowledge, experiences, and practices?

How can we leverage the technological expertise to allow HCPs to connect with leading experts across countries to get advice / counselling for their cases?