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Globalization scalerator for growth-stage European NeuroTech startups to penetrate the health innovation hotbeds of the East Coast of the US and Canada
(September-November 2024)


Global Expansion for your start-up to the East Coast of US and Canada markets

Join Calling2Scale HEALTH 2024, our tailor-made start-up support programme designed to help leading European* HealthTech & NeuroTech start-ups scale and penetrate the dynamic East Coast of the US & Canada. Gain access to comprehensive support services, mentorship from industry experts, guidance on North American market entry, and connections to strategic partners, investors, and customers.

*European and Horizon Europe-Associated countries

Your start-up's journey to the East Coast of US and Canada markets starts now

why join?

Unlock Access to Dynamic Markets

Calling2Scale HEALTH 2024 offers a gateway to the thriving East Coast tech ecosystems of the US and Canada. Gain direct access to leading actors, cities, and regional agencies, propelling your startup into global tech hubs.

REGIONAL RoadSHOW to boston & Toronto

Embark on an exclusive journey to the epicenters of HealthTech innovation. Meet ecosystem influencers, visit beta test sites, major hubs, and R&D labs, and showcase your product at a climax event, forging invaluable connections along the way.

Hands-On Tools and Best Practices

Gain access to a toolkit of best practices covering vital topics such as go-to-market strategies, funding, pitching, marketing, law, regulation, and more. These practical resources focus on the specific challenges and opportunities present in the East Coast of the US and Canadian markets.

Tailored Support for Success

Benefit from personalized guidance with 1:1 meetings tailored to your startup's needs. The Calling2Scale HEALTH growth team - EIT Health & Ontario Brain Institute (OBI) - will work closely with you to ensure effective progress and strategic alignment with market demands.


Bootcamp tracks

Start-ups in Calling2Scale HEALTH 2024 are disrupting the neurology field with technologies, solutions, or therapies to address patients’ unmet needs. We seek products covering all stages of the patient journey, especially those targeting three key areas:

Neurodegenerative & Neurodevelopmental Disorders

These technologies address disorders across the age spectrum, from childhood indications such as ASD, OCD, and ADHD to the diseases affecting the aging population, such as dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, and Parkinson’s disease.  The focus lies on technologies that are on the path toward clinical validation and will address the ability to detect, assess, and/or treat these disorders from a biomarker or patient-reported outcome(s) perspective.


Mental & Behavioral Disorders

Mental health disorders are highly heterogeneous and encompass disorders spanning from the common — such as anxiety and depression —  to less common personality disorders. Often, symptoms vary from patient to patient and, accordingly, response to treatment is highly personalised. Current approaches to detection and diagnosis are often purely qualitative, and patients suffering from them are misdiagnosed or undetected. Treatment is not widely available and is not always effective. Our shortcomings in the current standard of care when it comes to the diagnosis, monitoring, and treatment of mental health conditions are significant, and therefore, opportunities for innovation in the space are broad. Start-ups with solutions tackling these issues using new technologies or novel therapies are encouraged to apply.


Neurovascular disorders

These technologies address unmet clinical needs in the detection, diagnosis, and treatment of stroke patients. While there have been many advancements in stroke treatment, prompt intervention is still required for effective treatment. Solutions aiding the rapid detection and diagnosis of stroke, shortening the “time to needle,” or providing alternative novel therapeutic and recovery options to the standard of care are encouraged to apply.


Why a Roadshow to Boston and Toronto?



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Boston and Toronto are ideal bases for scaling a NeuroTech startup in North America. Boston’s top institutions, like MIT, Harvard, and Northeastern, offer cutting-edge research and talent access. Toronto’s connection with Horizon Europe opens diverse opportunities in the Canadian market.

Both cities provide robust support from government and private sectors, including funding, mentoring programs, and supportive regulatory environments.

The synergy between Boston’s global Life Sciences and HealthTech hub and Toronto’s emerging leadership offers startups diverse perspectives, markets, and opportunities.

programme timeline

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Kick-off Webinar (FOR PARTICIPANTS)​

1st Online session

Roadshow to Boston and Toronto

Wrap-up and summary meetings



If you answered YES to most or all of the questions, it’s time for you to join Calling2Scale HEALTH Bootcamp!

Relevant interviews will be scheduled before the application deadline, on a first-come, first-served basis.




  • The discounted fee for start-ups is 3,500 EUR, covering the entire programme valued at 20,000 EUR (the usual discounted fee is 5000 EUR, however as this is the first edition focused on the health sector the fee has been further deducted).

  • Travel and accommodation reimbursement for the Boston and Toronto Roadshow is offered by EIT Health and EIT Global Outreach up to the amount of 2,600 EUR per start-up upon signing a sub-grant agreement.

  • Selected start-ups must sign a participant agreement with EIT Health.


* A start-up that needs financial support to pay the participation fee can contact Global Platform (, and their request will be considered, subject to their suitability and acceptance into the programme. Moreover, the programme offers RIS countries start-ups various funding opportunities, up to 90%.



“Being part of GreenScale, has transformed Plastic Repair Systems. The insightful sessions led by EIT Global Outreach team of speakers and exposure to one of the hottest innovation ecosystems have significantly accelerated our growth and visibility plans. Thanks to the programme we have facilitated international connections and collaborations, essential for tackling the interconnected challenges of our world. It’s not just about scaling up; it’s about creating meaningful cross-border partnerships. I am proud to be a GreenScaler.”
“Participating in the GreenScale programme has been a game-changer for UFraction8. The exposure to one of the hottest innovation ecosystems and the insightful sessions provided by EIT Global Outreach have significantly contributed to our plans for growth and visibility. The support received goes beyond financial assistance; it’s about building connections and fostering collaboration on an international level. The programme not only provides valuable opportunities for start-ups to scale up but also facilitates cross-border connections that are essential for addressing the complex challenges of our interconnected world.”
Wolfram Krenflesberger

Wolfram Krenflesberger

“We definitely used the network opportunities that the programme provided, and I had some very helpful discussions. In total, I can warmly recommend every tech start up or scale up company to apply for the next bootcamp and – if accepted – to participate in each and every session. The benefits are endless and will multiply if covid will allow the Europeans to visit Tel Aviv to enhance the personal relationships that were established!”


Founded in 2015, EIT Health is one of the European Institute of Technology’s KICs. It aims to tackle the EU ‘health, demographic change, and well-being’ societal challenge by means of powered innovation and technology, with the goal of promoting better health for all, strengthening healthcare systems, and contributing to a sustainable health economy across Europe.

With its central office in Munich, Germany, EIT Health operates across seven Regional Innovation Hubs and InnoStars, which connect innovators across Europe and beyond. Together, its network can apply transformative forces to remove barriers to innovation specific to the health sector and turn challenges into opportunities. EIT Health has built its position in the European ecosystem by developing a variety of offerings to support innovation in Health that leverage our network.

Programme leading partner

Ontario Brain Institute (OBI) is a not-for-profit organization that accelerates discovery and innovation, benefiting both patients and the economy. 

Their vision is for Ontario as a world leader in brain research, commercialization and care.  This Vision is realized through our collaborative ‘team science’ approach between researchers, clinicians, industry, patients, and their advocates to foster discovery and deliver innovative products and services that improve the lives of those living with brain disorders.

OBI’s collaborative approach to research aims to:

  • Enhance the neuroscience research system
  • Grow the Ontario neurotechnology cluster
  • Improve brain health for Ontarians


Speakers in the programme include experts in the neurotech field, mature start-ups who have managed to penetrate new markets, ecosystems’ essential players, and global professional speakers who specialize in IP, regulation, business development, branding & storytelling, and more.

The programme has a wide array of mentors and experts available to support participating startups based on your needs.

The process will be structured as follows:

1. 1:1 meetings with the growth team to support your scaling process and provide resources to help execute your plan. These meetings will result in introductions to specific experts, advisers, and mentors on a per-need basis. 

2. On-demand access to our pre-vetted pool of mentors and industry experts. The programme team will make the first introduction, and after the acquittance takes place, the startups can take it from there.  

The capacity and commitment to dedicating a C-level executive for the 3-month process, including weekly/bi-weekly 2-hours online sessions, 1:1 mentoring sessions every two weeks, and a physical visit to the US and Canada (10-15 November 2024)

  • The discounted fee for start-ups is 3,500 EUR, covering the entire programme valued at 20,000 EUR (the usual discounted fee is 5000 EUR, however as this is the first edition focused on the health sector the fee has been further deducted).

  • Travel and accommodation reimbursement for the Boston and Toronto Roadshow is offered by EIT Health and EIT Global Outreach up to the amount of 2,600 EUR per start-up upon signing a sub-grant agreement.

  • Selected start-ups must sign a participant agreement with EIT Health.

* A start-up that needs financial support to pay the participation fee can contact Global Platform (, and their request will be considered, subject to their suitability and acceptance into the programme. Moreover, the programme offers RIS countries start-ups various funding opportunities, up to 90%.

The following topics will be covered during the bootcamp, amongst others.

  • Going global: New markets, strategy and execution
  • Government incentives and grants as a source of capital
  • The changing landscape of global data protection laws
  • Am I ready to raise my next round? US/Canada/EU VCs
  • The importance of LinkedIn & other media in building your brand
  • Domain deep dive: Challenges, forecasts, and barriers by domain experts
  • Mastering the pitch: Storytelling & investment pitch preparation

Phase #1: Fill out the online application form.

*A team of experts and partners will review your application on a rolling basis, which means that the earlier you apply, the earlier we can review your submission and invite you for an online meeting to discuss further.

Phase #2: Eligible applicants will be invited to a short online qualification interview (up to 20 minutes). Please note that you might be asked for a second interview if needed.

Phase #3: The scoring committee will choose ten eligible Bootcamp start-ups as described below.


Some of our mentors


Shareholder at Greenberg Traurig, LLP
Eyal Peled Mentor Greenberg Traurig Shareholder

Adi Zamir

aMoon-Roche Partnership Leader @ Roche
Artboard – 12

Erez Ram Lev

Climate Change Solutions Co-Lead @ Kayama
Artboard – 13

Yael Idan

Business Development Manager @ Luxembourg Trade & Investment Office Israel
Artboard – 14

Tal Peleg Shulman

Director at
Tal Peleg Shulman

Roee Furman

Managing Director at Doral Energy-Tech
Roee Furman

Kfir Kachlon

Early-Stage Investor @91 Ventures
Kfir Kachlon

Guy Yavin

Investment Director at Doral Energy-Tech Ventures
Guy Yavin

Eyal Sandach

Country Manager Israel at Integer Holdings Corpotation
Eyal Sandach

Alisa Mick

Co-founder and CEO at The North Mix and MiXi
Alisa Mick


Full access to the community network

Connect & Experience offers more than training. The C&E community network is an active EU online and offline community offering easy access to opportunities, curated content, matchmaking, soft landing services, and support. The community provides a space for community builders from Europe and Horizon Europe associated countries to interact, share best practices, and collaborate to enhance your startup community.

To read the full report and receive a link to download it, please enter your email.
*For the best experience, we highly recommend reading the report on your desktop and not your mobile.

Access to Healthcare

The Health not The Death is a fundamental human right. A healthy population is not to be seen as human and social capital, an input, or by-product, towards economic growth. Alongside a healthy and sustainable environment, a solidarity, a healthy population must be the ultimate goal especially nowadays in helping Ukrainian migrants with cancer and their families.

Solidarity in health is a cornerstone of EU health policy. There are wide disparities in many health outcomes across the region and those outcomes. The access rules dramatically affect healthcare systems which are at the forefront of the migrant way, the people who are searching for help and the way how we could enhance and support their healthier and wellbeing status.

In order to ensure their access to care and continued cure in need, the probability of receiving a timely diagnosis and of surviving differs greatly from country to country where they are now. There is lack of information, help and inequalities in access. People need help in navigating cancer knowledge, diagnostics, secondary monitoring and prevention, way of treatments, and care.

Shifting our mindset, supporting healthcare connectivity, removing inequalities overall across Europe is our mission and even more now in a time of crisis, helping the Ukrainian people dealing with cancer is a good place to begin this transformative revolution.

1) Whether we have a chance to foster more holistic and integrated approaches to receive information and care, by supporting coordination and maximising an enabling and health-enhancing effect of care across services from different countries?

2) Whether actions should address the social determinants of health, the countries where they are now, the health need which they have, the social and language barriers are the conditions which have to be taken into consideration in a coordinated manner?

How might we improve patients and /or people who seek healthcare support, access to healthcare services at an EU & the Member States Healthcare systems level? Especially in a time of crisis in Europe.

How might we support refugees fleeing from their countries by navigating them to medical centres to receive best available care?  


Predictive Treatment

Precision medicine aims to personalise care for every individual. Nongenomic and genomic determinants, combined with information from patient symptoms, clinical history, and lifestyle (nutrition, physical activity, stress etc.), can facilitate personalised diagnosis and prognostics. Yet this goal requires access to massive amounts of data which may come from different structured and unstructured sources; these can be our medical records, laboratory testing, a range of medical devices as well as from the patient himself. AI & ML can combine input from these multiple sources, analyse them and identify biomarkers that can support health professionals make more informed decisions. The convergence of precision medicine with the advanced AI capabilities will improve the ability to personalise care – improve diagnosis, risk prediction as well as therapy planning.  

HCPs want to better predict treatment response, given uncertainty around which treatment to prescribe to which patient and when to prescribe. How do we risk assess the patients, match them with the right treatment (personalised). How can we transform the wealth of data and link it to the predictive nature of how the patient will respond?


Patient Journey Navigation

Being diagnosed with cancer is overwhelming and comes as a blow. Patients may feel on a roller coaster of emotions—they are scared, lost & confused not knowing what to expect, who to refer to, what to do and how to tell their loved ones.  They directly refer to “Dr. Google” to look for information about their disease, possible treatments, QoL strategies with the aim to have better understanding of their disease and learn how to better cope with their disease & treatment, yet information is not always valid, accessible, nor personalised or tailored to the patient’s status and needs therefore left with huge amounts of non-relevant information. Coming to the doctor, the physician’s time is limited and mostly focusing on the physical aspects of the disease & treatment, not leaving much time to ask questions nor discuss more holistic aspects of the disease such as emotional, psychological, social aspects. The patient (& caregiver in many cases) leaves the room with unanswered questions, doesn’t remember much of what has been said, and feels he is not heard, nor seen as a whole.

The need for navigating this journey along the emotional psychological stress is overwhelming & patients and their caregivers look for support (case manager/companion/partner) to help manage their disease holistically – starting from having clarity around their disease and treatment by having access to reliable and personalised information during their journey as well as having an integrated holistic care system , supporting them and their loved ones to navigate through the different aspects of their disease – medical, emotional, logistical, psychological, social, rights.

How can we support patients to navigate through the complexity of their disease and treatment ensuring they have validated holistic information about their disease journey & treatment and be empowered to  effectively manage their care 


Peer-to-Peer Medical Exchange

As medical events pivoted from conference centres and meeting rooms to the virtual settings, learning opportunities continue. Lectures and presentations are translated to the new digital world, yet the ability to connect and network is relatively lost. Peer interaction is essential not only for information exchange but to share practical insights, allows consultation & in-person experience cross country and across borders leading to better disease management.

This peer-based learning/ consultation is highly valued amongst practising clinicians and was generally achieved when HCPs and KOLs met their peers in national & Intl conferences, group debates, advisory boards and even during quick corridor conversations. Attempting to replicate these in-person experiences into the digital space creates challenges and are not effective nor impactful as face-to-face engagements. 

How might we improve HCP medical exchange enabling physicians to easily communicate, consult, exchange opinions leveraging individual experts & centres of excellence knowledge, experiences, and practices?

How can we leverage the technological expertise to allow HCPs to connect with leading experts across countries to get advice / counselling for their cases?


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